Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

END - USER license agreement Allcity3Dmodels products

The following terms of use agreement provides products Allcity3Dmodels and regulates licensing relationship between ALLCITY Ltd. (hereinafter "Allcity3Dmodels") as a publisher license and also the creator of website content www.allcity3Dmodels.com and end-user products Allcity3Dmodels (hereinafter "the customer).

1. Specifications
ALLCITY Ltd., duly incorporated and existing under the laws of the Czech Republic, established and registered in Brno, Křenová 19, Czech Republic. ALLCITY Company Ltd. is registered under the applicable law on value added tax, under number CZ29352703. ALLCITY s.r.o. is a producer of content on Allcity3Dmodels within the meaning of the Czech copyright and related rights with respect to the contents www.allcity3Dmodels.com

1.1 Licence for products Allcity3Dmodels - under this Agreement, which entered into force between Allcity3dmodels a customer, the customer gets the right to use products for private and commercial purposes, with the exception of resale, reproduction, delivery, access, dissemination or free products in return for payment or free of charge. This agreement forms the basis for granting a license to use the products Allcity3Dmodels, not to sell products such as Allcity3Dmodels. This license is granted for use as a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, worldwide and irrevocable.

1.2 Allcity3Dmodels products are listed as a database of three-dimensional models of the original interior design products (furniture, accessories, artifacts, etc.) That are created ALLCITY Ltd. Allcity3Dmodels digital files in a format 3D textures - picture file format. Samples Allcity3Dmodels free products are available as a free download for familiarization with the work, provided quality control and compatibility.

1.3 In this Agreement "you" or "Customer" means the person who set up the account, unless opens an account on behalf of your employer or member account entity, then "You" means that employer or entity referred to in the account registration. Hereinafter "we" means ALLCITY Ltd., operator of the Site and content creators Allcity3Dmodels. Content means any file or media or other material you download from the Web www.allcity3Dmodels.com.

1.4 Under this agreement between ALLCITY s.r.o. and customers are and remain all rights Allcity3Dmodels products owned ALLCITY Ltd. Customer does not acquire any intellectual property rights to these products.

2. Licence Conditions
This agreement provides a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, worldwide and irrevocable right to use the products Allcity3Dmodels tolerable ways (see Fig. Below). Unless the activity or use described in the permitted use, it is considered that a prohibited use.

2.1 The customer who is signed this agreement may be used Allcity3Dmodels products for advertising, promotional and other purposes described under the permitted uses. For clarity, it is prohibited to use products Allcity3Dmodels resale, granting additional licenses, even if the product is Allcity3Dmodels surface-modified and modified, but it is obvious that it is a product Allcity3Dmodels. Customer may not use the products Allcity3Dmodels in a way that contradicts the license agreement.
2.2 Only registered customer has the right to use products Allcity3Dmodels under license agreements. You can view the files that contain the product Allcity3Dmodels your clients agree with the use of products Allcity3Dmodels. The customer is authorized to install and use products Allcity3Dmodels at a given time in one place only. You may physically transfer the products Allcity3Dmodels from one archive to another new place, in which case you can use products Allcity3Dmodels new place.
2.3 This contract begins on the date of the closure and is valid for the whole duration of the account to www.allcity3Dmodels.com customer and to all purchases made on this site.
2.4 In the event of resignation or termination of this license agreement, you may not continue to use the products Allcity3Dmodels and is obliged to destroy or erase. If the customer breaches this Agreement may terminate it Allcity3Dmodels, after prior warning about the violation of license terms of this agreement, sent to the e-mail address filled in the registration form customer. After 5 days when the customer does not respond and continues to breach of contract, is entitled Allcity3dmodels their account deactivated without further warning. Allcity3Dmodels has no obligation to pay for paid products Allcity3Dmodels, in the event that your account has been disabled due to violation of the terms of this contract.
2.5 ALLCITY Ltd., operator and creator of 3D models www.allcity3Dmodels.com reserves the right, on the basis of changes in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, this contract unilaterally change. These changes in the license agreement shall not affect any products Allcity3Dmodels that have been downloaded by the customer and paid the appropriate fees.
2.6 Customer agrees to comply with applicable laws, the existing license agreement to act in good faith and not to violate the material and intellectual property of third parties in the context of the use of products Allcity3Dmodels, as to not attempt to reach unauthorized use of these products.
2.7 ALLCITY Ltd. exclusively owns or is authorized to grant intellectual property rights for products Allcity3Dmodels. Allcity3Dmodels content is protected by law as well as the original design of products, which are reproduced as 3D models on www.allcity3Dmodels.com. For clarity, this License Agreement does not grant the customer any intellectual property rights for products Allcity3Dmodels nor the original design of these products. ALLCITY s.r.o. or the relevant owner of intellectual property rights or original design products that are placed on www.allcity3Dmodels.com reserve all rights not expressly granted in this Agreement.

3. Authorised use
ALLCITY s.r.o. approves the use of the products described Allcity3Dmodels as permitted except as described prohibited use.

3.1 Use of products Allcity3dmodels for private or commercial purposes, for creating 3D visualization, 3D animation, advertising and promotional projects, multimedia presentations, advertising, business presentations, including film, video or art projects.
3.2 The use of products Allcity3Dmodels for graphic design, creating entertainment applications or games.
3.3 Usage of products Allcity3Dmodels for creating on-line or electronic publications, to use the website, or any kind of personal projects or drawings.
3.4 Furthermore, authorizing the use for creating designs on prints, posters, catalogs, brochures and other printed media.
3.5 Other uses that writing approved products maker ALLCITY Ltd.
In case of doubt as to whether the proposed use is permitted, you should contact the Allcity3Dmodels.

4. Prohibited use
ALLCITY s.r.o. specifically prohibits the use of the following products Allcity3Dmodels and drawings and other materials to the product, the customer must use the product content Allcity3Dmodels follows:

4.1 Prohibits the use of products Allcity3Dmodels in applications intended for resale products.
4.2 Prohibits the inclusion of products into any database, which has resulted in re-distribution or repeated use of a third party without the necessary license or otherwise učiněnit available in such a way that a person can download or access or reproduce the product as an electronic file.
4.3 It shall be prohibited to grant any sublicense, resale, lease, loan, transfer, gift, or otherwise transfer or distribute rights to use products Allcity3Dmodels to another person.
4.4 prohibits the installation and use of products Allcity3Dmodels more places at once, or to place a copy of the product Allcity3Dmodels on a network server or web storage for use by others.
4.5 prohibits the placement or display products Allcity3Dmodels in electronic form, which allows you to extract files in any electronic form, download mobile applications or sharing arrangement in any peer-to-peer or similar file sharing.
4.6 prohibits the resale of individual renderings (images), unchanged 3D models on a neutral background. This sale is only possible if the 3D part models the conceptual design of a 3D scene.

5. Activates and access to products Allcity3Dmodels

• To enable access to and use of products Allcity3Dmodels is necessary that the client:
Has registered at www. allcity3Dmodels.com
Has bought the product at www. allcity3Dmodels.com
He agreed to the license agreement
Paid the appropriate fee for the product, which is listed as a tag for the product at www. allcity3Dmodels.com

• To be the customer's request dealt with promptly and positively must be followed this procedure of purchase:
Selecting a 3D model from the menu at www. allcity3Dmodels.com, click on the virtual button "add to cart"
The choice of payment method and enter your billing information (if required)
Examination of the information provided in the Form
Confirmation request for purchase by clicking on the virtual button "Order"

• Allcity3Dmodels immediately sends a communication on the confirmation of receipt of payment to the email address of the customer specified in the form.

6. Conclusion of the license agreement, prices and payment terms

6.1 By completing the payment form or download free samples of 3D models and click on the "order", the customer makes its electronic approval and signature under Czech law on electronic signatures and declares that he is familiar with the license agreement, accepts its terms and agrees to abide .
6.2 Allcity3Dmodels can store on your server IP address of the customer, as well as other information needed to identify the customer and to reproduce the electronic declaration of acceptance of this license agreement in the event of a dispute.
6.3 The Licensing Agreement comes into force upon its conclusion, which is expressed agreement with the terms of this agreement. The license agreement is concluded in the English language.
6.4 A corporation must be all payments or downloading files on www.allcity3Dmodels.com a declaration of acceptance of the terms of the license agreement made legal representative of the legal person.
6.5 Allcity3dmodels send registration statements and confirmation of receipt of the license agreement on the appropriate e-mail client completed the form. In the event that a request for payment Allcity3Dmodels when the e-mail address of the customer filled in the registration form incorrectly or incompletely or if Allcity3Dmodels not received payment of fees for the 3D model (s) are not mandatory Allcity3Dmodels such a request.
6.6 Prices for products Allcity3Dmodels are given in euro (€), with the possibility of converting the currency to Czech Koruna (CZK).
6.7 Data for payment are sent to the e-mail client automatically after clicking on the virtual button "order" and selecting the appropriate method of payment.
6.8 Allcity3Dmodels reserves the right to change the price of products and the products themselves Allcity3Dmodels any time, without retroactive effect on products already sold.
6.9 Product prices include tax Allcity3Dmodels VAT, which is calculated in accordance with the Law on VAT in the Czech Republic. The amount of VAT to the tax depends on the place of payment and the legal status of the customer.
6.10 Purchased products Allcity3dmodels can be downloaded in the customer's account on www.allcity3Dmodels.com. Each product Allcity3Dmodels, which is prepaid and can be downloaded in the customer's account can be downloaded 5 times. In the event that the customer fails 5 times downloaded product must contact Allcity3Dmodels.

7. Warranty and liability

7.1 Allcity3dmodels makes no warranties or liability regarding the legality or validity of the use of products Allcity3Dmodels. Products and related materials are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, implied warranties of non-infringement or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. Likewise No rights are granted with respect to the use of any names, trademarks, copyrights, designs. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that it has all necessary rights, consents, and permissions that are required to use any product.
7.2 Allcity3Dmodels not responsible, that Allcity3Dmodels products and related materials will meet your requirements and expectations, or that their use will bezproblematické. All the risks associated with the quality of the result and using the products Allcity3Dmodels only on the customer side.
7.3 Allcity3Dmodels not responsible for the total liability to third parties arising from the connection with your use of products Allcity3Dmodels.
7.4 Allcity3Dmodels not responsible for sending higher sums of money than was required for the products Allcity3Dmodels within the application for payment. None of the managers, employees or suppliers Allcity3Dmodels not be liable to you or any other person or entity for any damages, costs or loss arising from the use of products Allcity3Dmodels, even if it was Allcity3Dmodels informed of the possibility of such damages or costs.

8. Final Provisions

8.1 Neither party agreement not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, other than the payment of fees for products Allcity3Dmodels if infringement arising from any conduct that is beyond the control of performing party.
8.2 Any changes or requests or statements shall be deemed to have been made by sending an e-mail to www.allcity3Dmodels.com or by sending a request in writing to the address ALLCITY Ltd.
8.3 Allcity3Dmodels has the right to assign this Agreement, but the assignment must be in accordance with the terms at least as favorable to the customer, such as the terms of this Agreement. 8.4 The Customer may not assign this contract.
8.5 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. The place of performance of this contract is the city of Brno, Czech Republic. For any disputes true that will be resolved in court, which is determined by the place of performance of the contract. In all matters not expressly provided in this License Agreement, will be used for general conditions for the use of products Allcity3Dmodels a currently valid Czech legislation. All disputes arising out of this contract, including those related to the interpretation and validity must be presented to resolve the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic in Prague in accordance with its rules. The working language will be English.

I accept the terms of the contract
You expressly agree and acknowledge that you have read the Terms of this Agreement and other agreements that may be incorporated by reference in this contract, duly examined and that this agreement and agree to abide by its conditions, which are accepted by their adoption, by clicking the appropriate button "accept".
If the customer does not accept the terms of this agreement has no right to use the products Allcity3Dmodels and must immediately destroy or delete.
You agree that this is the final statement of the agreement between you and Allcity3Dmodels, which supersedes any prior agreement, oral or written, or communications relating to the terms of that contract
This agreement is intended for you and is not transferable without the prior written consent Allcity3Dmodels. The Parties acknowledge this agreement that if it is found that some partial provision of this agreement is not valid, it does not void the license agreements, or other provisions of this Agreement. The invalid provision will be replaced, in urgent cases, the applicable law or according to established practice in the field.
You agree that you fail to pay the fees associated with buying products Allcity3Dmodels, you will be responsible for any taxes and fees associated with the use of products Allcity3Dmodels, value added tax and duties imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the license granted to you or your use of the products Allcity3Dmodels . If you have any questions or concerns, the customer can contact the Allcity3Dmodels or use independent legal advice before making a decision.

This license is valid from March 31, 2015